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Inform Consent

Natalia Benete offers integrative health services based on techniques and knowledge from physiotherapy, somatic education, traditional yoga, and coaching. 

The fundamental pillars of Natalia Benete's services are education, health promotion, and prevention, through active proposals based on movement and body exploration to maintain optimal health and improve and/or maintain the quality of life. 

If necessary, Natalia Benete offers individualized therapeutic programs, thanks to her training and healthcare experience as a physiotherapist. 

Natalia Benete's health services are provided both in-person and online, for individuals or groups.

This documentation has been prepared following the provisions of the General Health Law 14/1986, of April 25, the Andalusian Health Law 2/1998, of June 15, and Law 41/2002, regulating rights and obligations in matters of clinical information and documentation, articles 8, 9, and 10. 

The main purpose of physiotherapy is to restore lost or deteriorated physical functions. It involves treating individuals to prevent, correct, alleviate, limit, or reduce physical disability, movement disorders, functionality, and posture, as well as the treatment of pain resulting from these processes, whether acquired, congenital, and/or related to aging.


Various physical agents and methods are used, and depending on the agent used, it is called:
•    Kinesiotherapy: a set of therapeutic procedures aimed at treating pathologies through movement, whether passive, active, or facilitated by some external means.
•    Massotherapy/massage: a set of manipulations on a part of the body to mobilize tissues to bring about direct or reflexive changes that result in therapeutic effects.
•    Manual and Visceral Therapy: locating and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system using hands to release joint blockages and their muscular and reflex fixations by applying techniques and therapeutic soft tissue models. This includes kinesiotherapy, massotherapy, and their derivatives.


The greatest risks in the application of physiotherapy are related to incorrect indication and poor execution. Therefore, it is essential for a duly accredited physiotherapy professional to carry it out. 
In any case, I understand that some consequences during the treatments may include the following:

•    Pain: it is possible to experience muscle pain, especially in the early sessions.
•    Dizziness or vertigo: although relatively rare.
•    Joint fracture/injury: in some cases, deformities or conditions like osteoporosis can make the patient susceptible to injury. In such cases, the physiotherapist will proceed with additional caution as necessary.


•    Malignant tumors
•    Decompensated heart diseases, active endocarditis, blood disorders, tuberculosis (for active kinesiotherapy)
•    Decompensated chronic bronchitis
•    Active thrombosis or bleeding
•    Pacemakers and/or intracardiac devices (for electrotherapy)
•    Synovial effusion, hemarthrosis, and recent soft tissue injuries (passive kinesiotherapy and thermotherapy)
•    Infectious arthritis (for hydrotherapy)
•    Dermatology: mycosis and pyogenic dermatitis
•    Uncontrolled epilepsy and choreic syndromes
•    High blood pressure and uncontrolled varicose veins
•    Infectious diseases
•    Febrile states and/or extreme weakness
•    Terminal illness (deep hydrotherapy and thermotherapy)
•    Incontinence of sphincters (hydrotherapy)
•    Skin diseases in the case of sulfated waters (hydrotherapy)
•    Metallic implants such as endoprostheses, osteosynthesis... (electrotherapy of medium and high frequency)
•    Sensory impairments (electrotherapy, hydrotherapy)


I understand that there are beneficial effects associated with these treatment methods, including the reduction of pain and muscle spasms, as well as improvements in joint function and mobility. 
However, I understand that healthcare practice is not an exact science, and there is no guarantee of the precise outcome of these methods.

I have read the consent information and had the opportunity to ask questions about my assessment and treatment. 
By checking this box, I consent to the treatment that has been explained sufficiently and comprehensibly by a licensed physiotherapist. 
I understand that I have the right to refuse part or all of the treatment at any time. 
I declare that I have provided truthful and accurate information about my physical and health condition that may affect the treatments that will be performed on me.

Online physiotherapy consultation is the use of technology by licensed physiotherapists to provide physiotherapy services, including assessment and treatment, to patients at a distance. 
Teleconsultation services include phone consultations and/or audio/video online consultations. 
This online video service complies with the current regulations of the General Health Law (14/1986 of April 25) and Law 41/2002 of November 14. I understand that the evaluation and treatment of my current medical condition through phone consultation and/or synchronous audio/video consultation falls within the scope of physiotherapy practice, similar to an in-person clinic visit, and will be conducted by a licensed professional.


The benefits of telemedicine include increased access to physiotherapy services from any location. As a result of this session, I may experience a reduction in my symptoms and an increase in my ability to carry out daily activities.

I may experience improved strength, awareness, flexibility, and endurance during my movements. I should be able to gain a better understanding of how to actively maintain my health and the resources available to me.

I may experience an increase in my current symptoms or a worsening of my existing injury or condition. This discomfort is usually temporary, and if it does not subside within a reasonable period of time, I am willing to contact my therapist. 
I understand that there are potential risks associated with this technology, including interruptions, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties. I understand that both my therapist and I can terminate the teleconsultation if we believe that video conference connections are not suitable for the situation.

If I do not wish to participate in this online physiotherapy session, I will discuss alternatives with my physiotherapist.


I understand that teleconsultation sessions differ from direct visits between the client and the healthcare provider because I will not be in the same room as my healthcare provider. These remote session(s) will consist of a detailed discussion about my condition and may include a visual assessment of my movement patterns, balance, and range of motion. 
I accept the therapist's treatment plan, which may be adjusted for teleconsultation. I understand that I will be provided with exercises to perform at home and recommendations to progress toward my goals. 
I understand that during my online consultation services, my therapist may determine that teleconsultation services are not the most appropriate means for my healthcare, at which point my therapist will discuss the next appropriate action for my care. 
I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I am in a private space during my online consultation session to maintain the privacy of my health information. 
I understand that the therapist will also conduct the session in a suitable space to maintain the privacy of my health information and adhere to professional guidelines. 
In an emergency consultation, I understand that the responsibility of the therapist consulting online is to advise me to contact my local physician immediately, and the therapist's responsibility ends upon concluding the teleconsultation connection.

As indicated at the beginning of this Informed Consent, the primary goals of Natalia Benete's consulting services are education, health promotion, and prevention through active proposals based on her training and experience in Physiotherapy, as well as in yoga, somatic education, and coaching. 
I understand that, in case of needing classical physiotherapeutic treatment, Natalia Benete is authorized and willing to provide it, depending on her availability, and I, as the client, commit to respecting Natalia Benete's working methods. 
I understand that Natalia Benete's approach is active, focusing on movement in the sessions, rather than passive therapy (massage, manual and visceral therapy, kinesiotherapy). During individualized in-person consultations, and only if necessary and at the professional discretion of Natalia Benete, these passive techniques may be applied to me. They will not be systematically applied at my request as a client. 
For online consultations (both individual and group), Natalia Benete uses Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and/or the Whereby online audio/video service, which offer private and encrypted meetings to protect my privacy as a client. 
The in-person and online group workshops offered by Natalia Benete are aimed at health education, promoting healthy lifestyle habits, and preventing health issues. I understand that individual issues will not be addressed in these spaces. If I need information, I can request an individual consultation with Natalia Benete or a healthcare professional of my choice. 
I understand that any services provided by Natalia Benete will be billed in advance. 
I have been provided with Natalia Benete's policies on cancellations, insurance, and expectations. 
I agree to participate in all in-person and/or online therapy services, including phone consultations and/or video calls. 
By checking this box, I confirm that I wish to initiate a consultation with Natalia Benete. 
By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have voluntarily read this form, agree to its content, including the risks and benefits of general physiotherapy and telemedicine consultations, and give my consent to receive care from Natalia Benete. 
Natalia Benete, a registered physiotherapist in the Illustrious Professional College of Andalusian Physiotherapists (No. 11589), has provided me with all the necessary information for the implementation of the treatments and consultations outlined in this document and declares that she has taken all necessary precautions to ensure their proper application. By checking this box, I confirm that I understand all the information.

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